Langkawi it is….

Ok, so we arrived in Kuala Lumpur on tuesday two very excited ladies ready for some rest and relaxation. The first thing we did after settling into our hotel room was to venture out to a little part of KL called Bukit Bintang. We stopped at a road eatery (I say road because it was literally on the road) for a little taste of what KL had to offer. We ordered about 15 dishes and 2 very reasonably priced beers and got to work. It was absolutely delish! We had this deep fried beancurd that tasted just like McDonalds chicken nuggets – I shit you not. I’m still dreaming about that beancurd!!! Unfortunetly, for the rest of the two short days we had in KL, it was to be almost the only time we ate outside the hotel. The following day we headed into KLCC to Suria for a spot of retail therapy and a look out over KL from the Sky bridge in the Petronas Twin towers. The shopping was so-so – I personally didn’t find it any cheaper than home so needless to say I didn’t buy much. Despite that though, I’ve still managed to spend 3 times the amount of money I was intending to spend, but then I would say that it is about 3 times as dear as Bali so I guess that’s why.

On Thursday night we headed here to Langkawi with the hopes of finding the relaxation we did not in KL, and boy have we. As I sit here writing this blog, Shons is washing an afternoon of lazing by the pool away and getting ready to head down to Cenang Beach where we will be spending the evening browsing the market stalls and partaking in the local cusine. Here at least, the food is cheap however we did waste a few quality meals ordering room service, which is not so. The resort is amazing – we certainly chose well.

Last night we headed down to Cenang Beach after a day of scooting around the Island. I went a little nuts and ordered Lobster, but the $65 I spent on dinner I could have easily spent on something a little less exotic at home so I’m not too fussed. Breakfast this morning cost $4!

Shona and I got a little sunburnt yesterday on the scooter, so we are taking it a little easy.

More lazing tomorrow and a full day of snorkling on Monday before we are back to life as we know it.

See you then!!!



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