Langkawi – I heart you

So as you may have noticed, as I neared the end of my last post, I became briefer and briefer – that would be because the 45mins I was allotted on the internet at the hotel was coming to an end. Rather than pay for more, I instead decided to update once I got home and could use my own internet until the cows come home!

After the first long day in Langkawi, having ridden 5 solid hours around almost the entire island, we decided that a day of rest and relaxation was in order so after our $4 breakfast in Cenang Beach, we headed back to the resort and lazed by the pool for a few solid hours, sipping our Pina Colada’s and enjoying the view. After a snooze or two we packed up and headed back to Cenang Beach to sample a bit of the Indian cuisine – which was absolutely delish! So delish in fact that we headed back there on the sunday night for a second helping.

Sunday we started the day with breakfast at the German cafe on the beach before heading back to the resort for a morning kayak around the sea. I intended to stick close to the shore, what with my extreme fear of the open ocean however Shona had other ideas and made me paddle a ridiculously long way out around a stupid boulder in the middle of the ocean. I humored her only because I intended to drag her on the Langkawi Cable Car that afternoon, knowing Shona’s fear of heights.

So after reaching the shore in one piece, not eaten by sharks we headed off to the Cable Car for some stunning views of the island. Views we did not get to see, as when we arrived at the Cable Car and saw the ridiculous, ridiculous height of it, we decided a boycott was in order and we headed back to the resort.

Before dinner, we hit Lylia’s Cafe on the beach for sunset and pina colada’s (which were later to make me sick, and not drunk sick if you know what I mean. Actually, I’m still having horrendous pain in my stomach 4 days later. They were good cocktails though, let me tell you.) and enjoyed a lazy afternoon of boozing.

The following day we were up at the crack of dawn for our day of snorkeling at the Palau Palar Marine Park. After a long and tiresome journey, we were suited up and sent out into the ocean to explore. We spent the day looking at fish and coral and baby sharks before being shuttled back to our resort for dinner. Dinner was exciting – actually, if I’m honest, it was my favourite part of the day. It was a buffet. My sunburned arse and I went off to consume myself silly. I started with the soup and followed it up with salad. After the salad, we sampled some fresh seafood before Shona headed in for some noodles and I went to the mains. After the mains, I had a roast lamb dinner with potato bake….mmmmmmm before heading to the dessert station and the chocolate fountain. The food was gorgeous and I certainly had my fill – let me tell you.

The following morning we were again up at the crack of dawn but this time because of our early flights. We did the breakfast buffet, which was equally as fabulous before embarking on the long journey home.

It was a great holiday, my first to the northern hemisphere and a great pre-trip trip as well.

Now, I get ready for Bali.



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