19 Weeks and counting…

So we are officially 19 weeks out from the big trip and we are starting to think of boring things like what we are going to do with our house full of stuff, where the house will go when we finally ship off and whether or not we are going to have enough money to last even a week in Japan when we get there! But we’ve almost all our flights booked now and a few hostels here and there – our final plans now falling into place.

In the end, I settled on the following itinerary:

Japan – Hong Kong
Hong Kong – Paris
Paris – Zurich
Zurich – Vienna
Vienna – Budapest
Budapest – Krakow
Krakow – Prague
Prague – Berlin
Berlin – London!

All in all, it should take me just over a month. All I have left now is my last flight from Berlin to London to book. I am looking at the moment to be landing in London on the 3rd or the 4th of December. In the meantime, I am busy looking forward to a short jaunt in Bali to tide me over. Till then, I bid you adieu!


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