Bali and the tale of the secret farter……

Well, I’ve decided to take this little bit of time while we wait for our scooters to arrive, to tell you about the holiday thus far.

We had an eventful flight – it was doomed from the moment I had a conversation with mum about wishing that kids had to live in a separate world from me. I should have known that I was tempting fate with that one. So, true to form, I was surrounded by babies on the plane. I had two in front and two behind. The ones behind kicked and the ones in front screamed and cried. At least I got my revenge on the kid behind, I put my seat back and he was drawing so his line went up the page! Ok, so I felt a bit bad about that one. Then half way through the flight, the lady next to us started dropping the old SBD’s. I was a little vocal at my disgust at this which only served to confirm it was her, the whole time I was raving and ranting, she sat staring at the front of the plane (definitely in embarrassment!).

It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get through customs but when we did, we broke out into the hot humid air with a sigh of ‘we’re in Bali!!!’. Our hotel is great, perfect for us and in a perfect position. I can’t Believe that we ended up in the same street that Jon and I stayed in last time – it feels a little weird but at least I know the area quite well!

Jasey got absolutely trashed last night and ended up vomiting all over our hotel room – not very pleasant, let me tell you!

Now, I’m off to collect my bike!



One thought on “Bali and the tale of the secret farter……

  1. Next time we shall out the phantom farter – better their embarrassment
    than our having to smell it. And thanks for the cold love!

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