In a land without time…

So, seeing as I am now confined to the couch with a lovely little Bali flu virus, I thought I would post a little spiel on our Bali travels!

There were three main things that occurred in Bali – pampering, shopping and food. The latter being my favorite. We started our holiday with a visit to the spa and we ended it with one – just the way a good holiday should be! We found ourselves a great little spa just near the Kuta memorial (one that I visited last time I was there) and made it our regular haunt! The staff there were so friendly and they give you a great little ginger tea after your treatment while you pull yourself together! I had a great manicure and pedicure with a fantastic red colour polish, a very relaxing hour foot reflexology and full body massage with ear candling! (The ear candling clearly paid off, the doctor took a look inside last night and said ‘all clear in there!) I had a brief spa experience in Ubud with a pretty shit manicure but the lovely guys in Kuta fixed it up for me in a jiffy!

The highlight for me though, would have to be the food. I have literally eaten my way through Bali over the last 10 days! Thanks to Vicky, we discovered this great little place in Legian called Mozzarella and it had the best Creme Bruelee in the world! We ended up going there a few times over the week – once just for dessert! But more on the food shortly.

The first day we were there was mostly about introducing Mum & Jase to the place and not much more than spa-ing and eating (and for Jase, a lot of drinking) and the next day was the same (while Jase recovered!). We picked up our scooters on the Friday (Mum & I – Jase wouldn’t ride them) and had a bit of a scoot around to further explore. For dinner we went to Queens Tandoor and had ourselves a great curry or two – and I had myself the best sizzling brownie I have ever tasted! It was served on a sizzling hot plate with a scoop of ice cream on top. When she brought it over, she poured chocolate fudge sauce over the top and it sizzled away on the hot plate releasing an intoxicating aroma into the air. So intoxicating that the table next door immediately took note! It was incredible – the hot brownie, the cold ice cream and the sizzling chocolate sauce – heaven! I didn’t get a photo of this, sorry – I was too distracted by the aroma to think about it! That was pretty much it for the night and we headed off home (me in my chocolate daze!). For some reason I was really exhausted a lot of the time we were there and I had to have a little afternoon nap a few days. I think it was a combination of going from a Melbourne winter to a Bali winter (12 degrees to 30!) and all the food I ate but it meant a few early nights over the week.

On the Saturday, Mum, Jase and I just bummed around before heading out to Jimbaran Beach for dinner to celebrate Mum & Vicky’s 50th Birthdays. It was just beautiful, unfortunately the clouds stole our sunset but the twinkling lights stretching along the beach more than made up for it. We each ordered our seafood – Vicky treated herself to a lobster in a little gift to herself and I had the tuna. It was huge and in typical Bali style, ridiculously overcooked but I enjoyed it nonetheless. We scored ourselves some grilled corn from the guy with the little cart parked on the beach and flagged down the band to sing a little Happy Birthday to the girls. Looking for dessert, from Jimbaran we went to Mozzarella to sample some Creme Brulee – the perfect end to a perfect night! We weren’t quite ready to retire however and headed down to the Bush Telegraph to watch Cahill get unfairly red carded in the football.

Sunday saw Jase, Vicky and Paul head north for the day to the Safari Park while Mum and I did a little more bumming and exploring. We went for a ride north of Seminyak to explore Jalan Laksmana Oberoi where we found ourselves a lovely little market outside Seminyak square. I bought the most beautiful earrings – they are shaped like a leaf with the veins of the leaf outlined in fine silver. That is a terrible description of them but oh well. I also found a beautiful dress, similar to the one I had bought to wear on my birthday but with a beautiful pattern all over it. I loved it but in the end I couldn’t justify purchasing it. When the guys returned, we headed back to Mozzarella for a fabulous dinner before retiring to bed.

The next day I woke up 27. To celebrate, we headed off on a day trip to Uluwatu and the monkey temple. The monkey temple was great, Mum had two monkeys jump on her at one stage while a sneaky little bugger tried to find it’s way into her bag! We took a few pics and then headed off to the beach. After a banana pancake and a peanut butter smoothie, we headed down the cliffs for a swim before heading back. When we got back, the hotel had left a note in the room wishing me a happy birthday (how sweet!). We got ready and headed off for an early dinner at Sharkey’s (we had to go early as Jasey flew home that night). When we arrived, the hostess gave me a beautiful fresh frangipani lei that smelled incredible! The setting was stunning although it lacked the atmosphere of the main part of Jimbaran and once again, we missed the sunset! I ordered the calamari sate and nearly died it was so good. I got a happy birthday sung by the band and a complimentary dessert, which was supposed to be a pavlova but was actually a meringue! To top it all off, the restaurant gave me a princess crown during my happy birthday! Couldn’t have had a better night! From there we headed to the Airport to say farewell to Jase before heading back to the hotel. Mum and I headed down to the bar for a cocktail (a cocktail that nearly knocked me off my chair!) before calling it a day. Just before heading to bed, mum opened the minibar to grab the milk and found that they hotel had left a cake for me! So mum and I crawled into bed and ate cake!

The next day was more bumming around before we headed off to Tanah lot for sunset. We got there in beautiful time (even with a pit stop for some grilled corn from a lady on the side of the road) and was blessed by the monks(?) at the base of the temple. We settled in for the sunset before a brief walk through the markets and then back to dinner at Mykonos, where I had the best Tzatziki ever!

We fair-welled Vicky and Paul on Wednesday and headed north to Ubud. We hired this guy to take us up that Vicky had used and it turned out to be a bit of a day. We did the silver, the batik, the painting and the wood carving and each time we returned to the car without purchases the crankier the guide got. I had mentioned briefly earlier in the day that I didn’t want to eat at Kintamani, that we would eat at the Elephant park instead. However, while at the coffee plantation, the driver drops on us that if we didn’t eat at Kintamani then we would have to shout them lunch which would be expensive as they eat for free if we eat at the volcano, and it we didn’t shout them then they wouldn’t eat at all. Feeling a bit blackmailed, we headed off and reluctantly ate at Kintamani. We we got there, I couldn’t believe but it was foggy! Mum was almost going to miss it but the fog began to clear as we were leaving and she got to see most of it at least! We then headed off to the Elephant park where we cuddled and patted the elephants – including the babies that were there last time I visited (not much bigger either!) before I slyly positioned Mum right in front of the elephant water tank and watched her get soaked!!! We hit Ubud and searched for some accommodation, settling on a place a little out of town with international TV. I was starting to get sick at this stage and was not good company for Mum unfortunately. The international TV turned out to be 100 Indonesian channels, the BBC news channel and the Australia channel. Great viewing!! At least we found out about the prime ministerial change straight away! On Thursday I got my bad manicure while mum got a great massage but we didn’t do much else. We made reservations at Cafe Lotus for dinner and watched the dancers at the Water Temple before heading to bed. That night I spent the night waking every time I swallowed my throat was so sore and when morning finally came, so did the rain. It lasted all day and in the end we took back the scooters during a brief reprieve of the rain, had a brief walk through the monkey forest (although all of the monkeys were in the trees for the rain) before we collapsed at Nomads for lunch. Boy, was that the best thing we did! I had an amazing lemon, ginger and honey tea for my throat and the best Tuna steak I have ever tasted! I stayed for a few more teas while mum did a bit of exploring down at the market before we headed back to the hotel for a rest. Lunch was so good, we headed back there for dinner. It was a bit shit, most of our time in Ubud I spent in bed and mute (sorry mum!) but at least it was only the last few days! On our last day, we headed back to Kuta to grab a few last minute things (I bought a great fake rolex for 200,000 IDR and mum bought me a little fork charm for my bracelet – a very fitting charm I believe!) and a couple of last minute spa treatments (including a facial!) before we wished Bali goodbye and thank you for a brilliant holiday! The flight was torturous and I think I might have scared a few people with my rapidly increasing sickly appearance but finally we arrived home and I crawled into bed for a big long sleep!

Thanks Aunty Cassandra & Uncle Lionel!

Oh, but before I go… The reason for the title? Yeah, that would be because in an effort to completely relax and de-stress, we decided to leave any type of time keeping device at home and be time free. This doesn’t really work when your still living in a world where time does and as a result there were numerous calls to the front desk and desperate time searching techniques, such as resorting to reading the time on the air conditioner control! lol!



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