Tips & Tricks (ways not to save for round the world travel)

(This was a page originally but I have moved it here cause I wanted to.)

They may help, they may not but in the lead up to the big trip, I have been trawling the web for tips and tricks to help me out so it’s only fitting that I return the favour here.

Tips for saving money:

Don’t do what I have. Good tip hey?

Basically, don’t think that you have plenty of time left in which to save. You don’t. The sooner you start, the better. And put it away somewhere far far out of your reach. If I could write past Yarni a letter I would. I would say, stop being an idiot and stop spending money. I would also add that you can’t always rely on a steady income. One could be laid off, or one could work for a company that decides to change it’s payroll system without really doing a lot of research, which may will result in you not being paid or being overpaid and having to pay the money back, resulting in your tax being delayed too close to your departure date for comfort.

But mostly it’s just hard. When you are used to spending, saving is a big change. And I mean BIG.

I know myself, I’ve always been like this. I’m a terrible saver and I do best just before departure so I have mostly geared myself up to put away a majority of my money over the next few months. Will it be enough? Only time will tell. Will it be what I was hoping to have? No, it will not. But if the life has taught me anything, it has taught me that you’ll always get by. I’ve also left booking my last flight from Europe to England till I’m there, so if I need to head to the promised land a little earlier I can!

Getting rid of everything you own:

Start early. I’m no where near finished, hell, I just started but when I started, I realised the job ahead of me is bigger than I am. I got all motivated a little while ago to start sorting out my magazines and start my keep box. It took me all night and all I did was transfer my stuff from my old keep box to my bigger new one (revisiting all my memories along the way – I’m not going to see them for a while) and sort out a bit of paperwork in the lounge. When I was finished, I thought two things to myself.

1. Crap. This is going to take forever.

2. Damn you past Yarni. Why did you insist on collecting so much stuff??? And why isn’t any of it worth anything???!!!

At least I’ve learned this early enough to not leave it until a week or two before we leave!



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