To contiki, or not to contiki?

It’s been weighing on my mind more and more the closer we get to the big departure – to Contiki, or not to Contiki? I had mulled over it briefly a few months ago and had settled on no; based on the fact that there weren’t any tours that encompassed all the countries I wanted to visit but the more research I do into costs, the more it seems like a good idea. In desperation (not being up to making another huge decision after an entire night last night spent on the laptop or no laptop debate) and needing another opinion, I have opened it up to everyone to give me some advice on this current dilemma.

I have put together my current pros/cons list as follows:

Pro: Con:
´        Set cost ´        Less flexibility
´        Includes accommodation, most meals etc…. ´        Not as much freedom
´        Pre-packaged travel buddies ´        Set cost
´ ´        Most start in London & I fly into Paris

My biggest problem is that I’m 27, so I can’t get a cheap Eurail pass. It’s going to cost me $765 base for a 15 day continuous pass but then there are seat reservations on top. I can get a Contiki tour from $2400 and that includes 18days accommodation, most meals, transport etc.

Then, just to confuse things, there is also the debate of Contiki v. Top deck.  Top deck actually have a better tour for me – covers all the countries I want and it’s starts in Rome, so I can hang about in Paris for a week and then head down to Rome for the tour. I’m a little hesitant about Top deck. Not because I don’t think that they will be ok, but because I feel like I’m more of a Contiki girl. I’ve done a little nosing around to check out what others have to say and they seem to be pretty similar. I actually think Top deck might be more my style but can I abandon that consumerist instinct that has been belted into me all my life? Who knows… let me know your thoughts!


One thought on “To contiki, or not to contiki?

  1. Ok How can you make an informed decision unless you have also tried Top Deck ? then next time you are deciding to go on a tour you can pick the one that was best :)How do the prices compare ?I would go with the one that will save me the most cash but I am a bit of a cheap skate .Hope that has helped you in your decision debate

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