It’s the first of August.

Everyone has had one of those moments in their lives when something massively exciting is on the distant horizon. I’m going to make a sweeping generalisation here and say that most of the time, these have involved travel in some form or other. I mean lets face it, who have you ever known that’s felt this way about a work project? For me, I can see that burnt orange colour cracking the horizon from the moment I commit myself to the plan, hence starting my blog a good 11 months before I actually intended to depart (I didn’t say it was bright, in fact, it could have been a mirage but there was a slight glimmer of something there, believe me). It was an ambitious plan, 11 months is a lot of time for me to lose enthusiasm and change to something shiny and new and more instantly gratifying (Damn being Gen Y, damn it to hell!). In hindsight, I should have left in February or March, but I had this grand idea that I would save copious amounts of cash to fund my little adventure over that 11 month stint. Instead, at the age of 27, I should have known myself a lot better than I seemed to have. Deep down inside, I think I knew I was never going to have the money I thought I would, no. Deep down inside, I think I knew I would leave the saving part of the plan to the last possible week I could. I think I knew I’d say to myself, it’s ok, you can buy that [insert new item, fad or hobby here], you’ll still have plenty of cash. Again & again.


It’s odd though, how, as the money does slowly begin to grow, it is never enough. It’s mostly likely just paling in the shadow of the trip, the enormity of it looming ominously overhead. But I was looking at my account last night, at the piddley amount of $3,500, willing it to grow before my eyes. I was searching desperately for a small sign of hope, of relief at seeing any money in my account at all but there was none. And then I thought to myself, ‘what are you talking about Yarni. This is more money than you have ever had in your account ever. In fact, the only time you have ever seen figures like this, they were preceded by a squat little minus that sat glibly laughing at you.’ I realised that, although this amount is under half what I will have by the time we leave and no where near enough to get me through my trip, it is an achievement in itself. I have to keep reminding myself that I didn’t start at zero, like most people do. I started about $6,000 behind. So I gave myself a congratulatory pat on the back and then went back to staring at my budget, thinking wistfully of the day I look in my account and see the final, glorious figure staring back at me.

But it’s now 60 days until we board that plane and boy, have the past 9 months flown. Granted, the short trips to Malaysia and Indonesia certainly broke the monotony. I’ve bought my thermals after a few months of mulling the necessity of them but I’m pleased with the purchase. I’ve finally adopted the ever important ‘is it a want or a need’ frame of mind followed by the ‘will it travel with me or can I wear it in the UK’ justification (that little justification let me purchase a $300 dress at the beginning of the year, but hey, it’ll look just fab heading out for a sophisticated night on the town in London or Edinburgh, right?). But now it’s getting down to the nitty-gritty. Now it’s down to selling of the stuff, to the saying goodbye to everyone and everything I know and to the ultimate of all ultimate’s, the quitting of the job. I’ve read some posts on other blogs about this and there always seems to be a slight trepidation to the shedding of employment. But me, I can’t wait. With every passing day I get closer and closer. It’s getting so close I can almost taste it and the closer it gets, the more I want it. In fact, it’s only 52 days and I NEVER HAVE TO SIT DOWN AGAIN IF I DON’T WANT TO. I’m sorry to yell at you but I’m freaking excited by this, and so is my arse.

But enough of that, I’m getting giddy. It’s the first of August, as the title of the post indicates and as I said, it’s officially 60 days until we arrive in Japan. I’m now busy trying to organise all the important things in the prelude to great world trampathon, you know, things such as scheduling drinks with the girls (I told you it was the important things). But really, there is a great mammoth of work to be done in the lead up. I looked around myself last night and felt an overwhelming sense of overwhelmingness. Yes, I know that’s not a word. Why do we insist on bogging ourselves down with so much stuff? It’s everywhere. I almost can’t move in my lounge now we have started to disturb the order. Previously, it all had its space and it fit neatly into it. Now, there are books all over the floor, in boxes and bags. They are starting to line the hall in preparation for the driveway sale we are having in 3 weeks. I’m not at all excited by the prospect of having to lug it all outside but I can tell you now, it’ll all be damn well sold. Nothing is coming back through our front door once it departs. I’ve still yet to organise travel insurance and one of the most important things of all… my UK Visa but I’ve made appointments at the optom, the doctor, the dentist and set the date for the garage sale at least. I’ve organised enduring power of attorney and found out about renewing my license in my absence from the country. I’ve written the letter of intent to vacate (holy cow that was a heart attack right there) and I have paid the last full months rent I will ever pay for 517. We had our last pizza party on Wed (*sob*) and now everything is ready to go. Shona has started the arduous process of loading all of her music onto her iPod so that the hard copies can be packed away and I will shortly be starting on the DVD’s. I’m sure over the coming weeks that our nights of watching True blood, Hung, Entourage and Justified will slowly be replaced by nights of packing, sorting and organising. At the moment these are the only things I can think of, I’m sure that there will be many more by the time we close the door at 517 and hand back the keys. We have a busy 6 1/2 weeks ahead, that is for sure!

Wish us luck!



3 thoughts on “It’s the first of August.

  1. Hey … wow, I can’t believe I found your blog, today of all days! I’m in almost exactly the same situation as you, in fact, I have 55 days ’till take off … and I’m feeling exactly the same as you about everything right now, my house is a mess, I have things piled everywhere in ‘waiting to go to the charity shop’ or ‘waiting for a bid on ebay’ piles, I just found out that all the bazillion boxes I have packed already will not fit through the hatch of the loft in my friends house where everything’s supposed to go in to storage …. aaand breathe.

    I’ve only read this entry of your blog so far, but will wander off now for a little look around to work out who you are and what you’re doing!

    Anything you’d like to ask me about the UK – please shoot, I’d be happy to help! I may have some Oz questions for you in return 🙂
    Melanie x

    1. How cool! Your trip really is almost the opposite! Absolutely ask any questions of Aus you like, I’ve lived all over this fair country of mine and would be happy to help. I did notice that you are leaving Melbourne off the trip though? No! Melbourne’s the best bit!! =)

      Good luck with the packing, I hope you sort the box situation out. I know exactly how you feel at the moment!


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