The great quest to experience life in the UK – Part one.

This is it, the visa application is in. It’s done. It’s off. It’s dusted. Well, not quite. It’s printed and sitting in my hot little hands all ready for my appointment on monday. But it wasn’t without its drama.

Last night there was a major meltdown. It even involved tears. I was starting my visa application, I was dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. I came to the appendix detailing my eligibility, took note that I had to complete the online eligibility assessment and set off to do so. Yes, I am Australian – 30 points there. Yes, I’m aged 18-30 – 10 points there. Yes, I have the required level of funds – but wait, what’s this?  A small little clause stating the funds ‘must be held in the account for 90 consecutive days’? Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I went into panic mode. I was seriously freaking out. There were emails, text messages ad conversations a plenty. There was a team assembled to comb through the Border Agency Website to look for anything that said, no, this didn’t apply to me. But nothing. That’s when the tears came. My whole trip was falling apart in front of my eyes and I could do little to stop it but scramble for the seams and try to patch it somehow. I was so distraught I even let Shona give me a hug (she’ll use any excuse really)! There was nothing I could do but toss and turn all night until I could call through on the visa line this morning. First thing first, I was racking up my $3.50 a minute phone bill desperately waiting to hear the sweet sweet words, it doesn’t apply to you. And then, they came. The relief. I’m back on track – sort of. I still have to get approved for the visa, but at least I’m eligible. This has to be the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever had to endure. Not even waiting on my Uni acceptance was this bad!


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