The road is my home….the end of chapter one

Yesterday, I became officially homeless and contrary to what you may normally assume, it was much more of a relief than anything else. It feels now like chapter 1 of the big trip (the preparation stage) is finally complete. I have 4 1/2 days left at work and then I have officially entered chapter 2 – the limbo/soaking up the family love stage. It feels like it’s been the longest 6 months of my life. It also feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Everything I own now fits into a 75L backpack (well almost) and while the feeling of being inundated by things hasn’t fully faded, it’s getting there. The next two weeks of my life will be a joyous/sad combo as I have farewell drinks and dinners, concluding with the greatest farewell of all – saying goodbye to my mum (and my puppy, but don’t tell my mum!) At least though, everything is now done!


4 thoughts on “The road is my home….the end of chapter one

  1. Aaw, that feeling! Of just sitting there and sighing because there’s nothing left to do. It took me at least 4 days of that before I stopped twitching!

    Congrats! Isn’t this the most exciting thing ever!? By the way, will you be landing in Manchester at any point? I can hook you up with a couple of tour guides (my mates!) if you are. I know someone from Oz too (well, friend of a friend really, we met at a party a couple of weeks ago, she was dressed as Poison Ivy so i’ve no idea what she’s like in real life, but she was alright with a bit of Voddy in her!)

    1. I can’t wait for that moment. I thought the feeling would wear off straight away! It is the most exciting thing – and you were right, by the time the cleaners were arriving I was like ‘I don’t care – put it out on the street!!’ Will be landing in Manchester, for sure – would love you to hook me up! After all – you only really see a place through the locals! And same goes for you, let me know when or if your in ole’ Melbs and I can hook you up with some super fab people to show you the best places!! (all south of the river of course – you’ll understand that more when you get here!)

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