BNE WAS HERE or I found my place.


Why the title you ask? Oh yeah, that would be because today I saw one of those BNE WAS HERE stickers on the exact same grey rectangular box on the street, just like we have. It was particularly significant as it capped off a momentous occasion for me here in Tokyo, the finding of my place and by this I mean, I found a part of Tokyo I fell in love with.

But like all good stories, we must start at the beginning. After posting in the morning, I dutifully dragged myself off for the breakfast I knew I must force myself to eat (for those unfamiliar, refer to the great pork debacle of 2010 as detailed in the post below). I grabbed the only things I thought I would be able to stomach, a tasty crispy but giant bread roll and a block of cream cheese with a cup of tea to wash it down, and sat down to tuck in. I went a little off track here with the budget, spending near twice what I had spent the day before but I needed something to get me past the pork and so a small budgetary mishap was in store.  It worked, I felt so much better after and do not regret the purchase one bit. After my chow, I sat in the bakery to do a little people watching (it’s in the train station) while Shon’s ran back to the room. It was here I noticed that a ridiculous amount of Japanese women wear shoes that a far too big for them. I found myself mental plotting the opening a Japanese shoe company I was so distressed. Why would anyone do that to themselves I ask? We also stopped in to check out the Supermarket, it was there that we found the $50 watermelon you will find pictured below. Crazy hey?

Now this evening is where the fun really begins, with us taking ourselves off to Omate-Sando and Shibuya. Omate-Sando has this one street, a street that Lonely Planet describes as the closest to Paris that you will get in Tokyo. Having not yet been to Paris, I cannot attest to this but I can say that it was as close to Melbourne as you will probably find in Tokyo – it was great! It was a wide tree lined street with a Melbournian atmosphere and I found myself instantly relaxed. I know that they say you should experience the culture of the country that your in but it was so comforting to be there, so close to home.

From there we headed down to Shibuya to check out the famous Shibuya crossing, which we did and it was insane. We too decided to partake the crossing of the road and it was crazy. While we were madly snapping, a young, hip Japanese boy jumped in front of my camera with a pose so I snapped away. He and his friend came to introduce themselves to us and a conversation of sorts ensued. He offered to take a picture of us and went to take my camera, which I reluctantly gave over (after a brief tug of war) but as I was confused and surprised, before I knew it I was posing with Shona, 2m from my camera that was in the hands of a stranger! Luckily, this Japanese boy was just a really nice boy who seemed somewhat overcome by the appearance of a redheaded Australian girl and genuinely wanted to talk to us, not steal my things!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you – everyone here rides Bicycles! It’s insane!!

(p.s – I’m writing as we go but not always able to post so it may be a little confusing as I am writing in presence tense. I will always start my post with the day that I write it so you know when it occurred!)



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