Kyoya Ryokan & the tale of the public bath…

So we found this great little Ryokan on hostelworld to stay in while we are here in Nagoya. It looked amazing on the web, had traditional rooms with the tatami mats and wotnot, it even had it’s own onsen. At least we thought it did. Turns out, it’s actually a public bath, it’s an onsen alright but that is all there is.. It’s separated between the sexes, luckily, but you have to shower out in the open with all the other women. I’m telling you, Japan does nothing if not shift inhibitions! Also, it’s only open from 5pm to 8am so unless I want to shower of a night, I have to get up at 7am to make it in time before I’m shut out for the day. Having curly hair, a night time cleanse is not really an option, so freaking early it is! Luckily, the other ladies staying here are of the straight haired variety and have happily taken their showers of an eve, leaving me to my devices at the crack of dawn, something that I appreciate immensely! I can only but hope that this behaviour continues for the following two mornings! Plus, not only do you have to shower together, you sit down on this little foot stool to do it. I can’t describe to you the oddity of showering sitting on a foot stool – it does nothing to wake you up in the morning, that’s for sure but it is kinda comfortable if I’m honest with myself.

Also, we have met this English guy called Allan in our room and having to all do washing, we decided to team up and save a few yen. We chucked it all in and set it going until about 5 mins later when I realised my hand wash only nighty was in there and went diving in to rescue it only to find the water had turned a distinct shade of pink. I paused briefly before remembering my towel that I had dyed red just before we left had not been washed again since. I froze, it wasn’t only my washing in there but Shona’s and poor Allan’s who we had only just met. I grabbed it out and walked sheepishly back into the room. I paused for a second before confessing my crime and waiting for the berating. They were both pretty cool about it – not much lighter coloured clothing had gone in other than Allan’s towel, which is now a nice shade of pink. I assured him that it will make him a magnet with the ladies in the hostels he visits in the near future. I’m not sure he believed me but I’m sure he will never forget the Aussie girl he met in Japan who turned his towel pink!


6 thoughts on “Kyoya Ryokan & the tale of the public bath…

  1. I love that you have this blog Its like talking to you every night on the phone because as I read it I can hear you saying it . Love Mum

  2. Oh Yarni, reading your stories is like a breathe of fresh air!!!
    I actually laughed out loud when reading about the red towel in the washing machine!

    I miss having you as my desk buddy 😦


  3. Yay!!! Thanks Yarni! That’s so sweet of you! I am so jealous of your travels. Looking forward to catching up in London next year! 🙂

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