The MacDonalds factor

So I’m not quite sure why but since being in Japan, I have had this strange desire to eat McDonalds. I wasn’t going to but I really wanted to show you the ridiculously small serves that they have here. It’s crazy. Think of the small orange juice cup that you get at breakfast – that is the soft drink size! After last nights crazy $15 Bacardi drinking session, I was finally feeling seedy enough to warrant actually eating it, so I went and purchased myself a cheeseburger meal and tucked it. Only when I received, I got a super sized serve without even asking. I’m pretty sure the dude saw me coming and thought to himself ‘She’s a foreigner, better super size her!’ and I ended up with the equivalent of a medium serve. It’s crazy though, they have burgers like a carbonara and a McPork. To answer your question, yes, it tastes exactly the same as at home.


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