I’m a little cyclist short & stout!

Just a small update to my last post as it was such an awesome day today, I feel the need to share. We went mountain biking today (without really realising that is what we were doing) and it was awesome. The track went from the hostel down around the lake, through some forests and some farming land and back around. The track was challenging enough at times while giving us a break at others. I was so fantastic to bike through the forest parts, I cannot tell you how excited I was to get out there and into it. A lot of it was gravel too so it was a bit of a challenge but we made it, I felt back in my element being on two wheels again. I will definitely be going mountain biking again and next time it will be proper forest shit! Who would have thought – I grew up around motorbikes but didn’t really take to them. Turns out, I am a two-wheeled person, it’s just not the motorised variety that takes my fancy! I’m kinda glad though, I was starting to feel like an idiot being so incredibly bad at all this hiking we have been doing. It’s nice to know I’m good at something!



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