Farewell Japan!

And so, Japan comes to a close. To tell you the truth, I’m kinda glad. It’s not that I don’t love Japan to bits, I do. It’s more that a month is more than enough time to see the sights so to say. A month is about the time when you have pretty much seen as many shrines/market places/weird shit you can handle and either have to settle down, create some sort of normality or move on. My dwindling excitement in posts (or just the general lack of them) is testament to this. So I’m ready to move on, to be re-energised by the next, totally different place.

Tokyo this time round has been pretty much the same as last time, only colder. Thank god. I did have a totally awesome dinner the other night though – all you can eat Sukiyaki. It was delish, and much nicer than the previous Sukiyaki experience, which I’m sure included some kind of offal, a heart value or something, I shit you not. I ate, and ate some more until I could no longer keep the button on my jeans fastened. If I had wanted, I could have stayed for the full 90 minutes and just continued to eat until I passed out, but I was already approaching a food coma 30 minutes in, so my food baby & I headed back to the hostel for what was to become, the second night I got wasted in Japan. Let me just take this moment to mention that I am never drinking rum again. I’m done. And so thanks to a lovely little hangover yesterday, nothing exciting was done.

Today however, we went to the Tsukiji fish markets and that was something of an experience, let me tell you. Apart from the general feeling that no-one wanted us there, it was a little horrifying to see all that fish. It’s always a little terrifying to see anything like that en masse. We weren’t there long at all. Afterwards, we wandered through Ginza before quickly heading back to the hostel thanks to a stomach cramp that mildly incapacitated me!

Tonight we were headed to the Ninja restaurant for a little more of Tokyo’s charm before we jet off to Hong Kong but I refuse to withdraw more cash from the ATM and we aren’t really sure if we had to make a booking or not so we have piked. (We have to take two trains to get there – who can be bothered with that!) This shall be our last few days of madness before Shona & I split up and head to different parts of the world!

Now here are some photos to keep you awake, seeing as my post has surely just put you to sleep!



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