It’s all about the food.

I like food. Everyone who knows me knows this. It’s pretty much all I ever talk about. It’s pretty much all I ever think about too. In fact I had several suggestions that I should have titled my blog something more appropriate, like Yarni eats abroad or wot not. So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me when I realised that I have no great desire to see the sights – I’m more interested in what I can shove in my mouth but it did. I felt bad the first time I thought to myself ‘screw the temple, I want more of those noodles’, like I was betraying the oath of the traveller. It’s supposed to all be about the sights right? Surely when I’m in Paris I’ll be more interested in the Eiffel Tower than in the exquisite cheeses they’re selling just down the street? More interested in the Louvre than in the window full of mouth-watering sweets I just walked past? I mean, I should be right?

Then on top of that, I also feel like I’m not a real backpacker at all. On the surface of things, I look like one. I’m wearing the big pack, I have three changes of clothing and I wash my delicates in the shower with me but where I fall down is the not eating at convenience stores, not cooking every night cause I don’t want to spend the money. In fact, pretty much all my money goes on food. If it wasn’t for Shona making me see things, it would be all of it. But I don’t know what to say. When I think back, I don’t think about the big cave thing we went to when we were in Kuala Lumpur in Feb, I think about the crazy arse shaved ice mountain we ate. I think about the buffet at the resort with its never-ending goodness. Already when I think back to Japan I think about the yakitori, the sukiyaki, the okonomiyaki. I think about it all – all that delicious deliciousness. And I know you’re thinking I’m just hungry right now but I’m not, I love food. For me a country is explored through its food and I’m thinking that I’m going to go a bit crazy when I get to France and Italy!

This is why, despite the way I feel about Hong Kong, it has turned out to be the most consistently delicious place of them all and this surprises me. We’ve hit the mother load of deliciousness. Even though the restaurant masquerading as vegetarian was not, it was still the most delicious food. Last night we popped into this vegan chain restaurant to have an ethical bite to eat and it was so good I nearly past out. I mean I freaking loved it. If it was this easy to eat out at home, I’d still be vegan – hands down. Then we stopped in for Ice cream, which we think was just chocolate and ice – no cream and it was incredible! Tonight we are popping across the road for Indian and I believe that it may possibly be just as good, banking on the roll we have going here!

Bon appetit!



One thought on “It’s all about the food.

  1. The food looks great. You are so lucky to get to travel to so many places.

    I just wrote a post yesterday talking about how much I love to eat and how I missed real breakfast food.

    Eating is very important to me as well. If I’m invited anywhere my first question is, “Will there be food there?” Back home I always kept snacks in my bag. My friend asked why, I told her 1. Because I’m greedy. 2. Just in case I get stuck in an elevator I won’t starve!

    Tokyo is definitely on my travel to-do list. I will eventually make it to the south of France and hopefully to different parts of Italy as well.

    Bon Voyage and happy eating!
    : )

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