6 litres, not quite the 10 I was hoping for but 6 nonetheless.

So firstly I have to apologise. It’s been too long since my last post and for that I am sorry. I’ll be honest, I have been having too good a time to post and by that I mean I was a little too drunk to write a post for Munich and I am sad to say that the tradition has continued in Prague. In fact, I am a little drunk right now but here goes.

SO I had a plan. Go to Munich, home of beer and consume no less than 10 delicious litres. In the end, I settled on 6 but not for lack of trying. The best thing about German beer, particularly Weißbier is that it is pure. Most of them are still brewed on the principle of only using only four key ingredients – water, hops, yeast & malt and this means no hangover the next day. Explains how the Germans can drink so much at least; but I can attest to this I have drunk my little heart out and still been up the next day to see the sights. My first day in Munich I decided to take the Sandemans New Munich tour to acquaint myself with the city’s finest. It was good, and when the guide announced afterwards that he would take anyone to a restaurant he knew that had buy one get one free beers if we wanted, I was in. It turned out to be a few of us and what ensued was only the beginning to my drunken exploration of the beautiful city of Munich. Firstly, for lunch, I washed down a lovely wiener schnitzel with a litre of Weißbier. I mean this shit was good. This was the best Wiener schnitzel I have ever tasted. I was devastated that I couldn’t finish it but in the end, beer is the more important food and so, with almost half a plate left, I downed the dregs of my second glass and we headed out into the evening. Two of the people I met on the tour, an Aussie guy and a Singaporean chick, decided we would design our own pub-crawl, that we aptly determined would start at the Hofbrauhaus, or so we thought. I am here to tell you that any pub-crawl that starts at the Hofbrauhaus ends at the Hofbrauhaus. If you are ever in Germany, you should consider this. Those steins are freaking huge! In the past, so much beer was consumed there that you couldn’t leave your table to go to the bathroom or you risked losing your seat, so they installed drains in the floor underneath the table for you to pee in. Thankfully they are no longer there today but a puke sink can still be found in the mens room for those who just want to keep on going! They also played some funky German music, just to get us in the mood I guess. It was an awesome place but two steins, a bratwurst & sauerkraut and a little table graffiti down; I decided it was time for my 3 litres of beer and me to head on home. My companions however, had different ideas and dragged me off to another place for more beer. I politely declined – I’m old enough to know my limits now and opted for dessert of Munich strudel instead. It was the best-goddamned strudel I ever tasted and it was the perfect way to end the night. Despite the accusations of being soft from my new Aussie friend, I left them to their drinking and promptly passed out as soon as I was in the vicinity of my bed.

Now there are two things you should now about this first day in Munich that sets the scene for the days that followed. 1 – I didn’t organise my onward travel nor did I organise another bed. 2 – this is how it pretty much went from here on in – me drunk and passing out.

I haven’t mentioned it thus far but on the tour I also met this Canadian guy, who is in Munich visiting his cousin. While talking, I had mentioned my desire to go see the castle Neuschwanstein and he invited me to go with him and Aussie guy the following day as he had rented a car. Always up for an adventure, I jumped at the chance and at 10:30am the following morning, the three of us headed off along the autobahn bound for the castle. Now I know what your thinking, you want to ask me a question; and yes, if you must know, they were two good-looking fellows. I know, I know – you’re actually dying to ask how fast we went on the autobahn right? Well, we hit 200kms at our peak. It was cool – although my mum isn’t going to think so when she reads this – sorry Mum! Now as I mentioned, my fellow drinking companions pushed on if you remember? Well, Aussie guy decided to add a wee bit of Scotch to his Munich experience and boy did he pay for it the next day. But, I will grant him this, if we didn’t have to stop on the side of the road for him to spew, we would never have discovered the awesome lake you will see I the picture below. Nor would I have skipped a stone that went two bounces thanks to my new Canadian friend and his stone skipping skills! I have to say though, the German countryside is quite spectacular, I was rather taken by it if I do say so. The castle however…well, it was good but a little disappointing with the guided tours, I would have much preferred to have taken it my own pace but oh well. It was beautiful nonetheless. We left there just after dark and seeing as though we were only 15kms from the border, we decided to pop over to Austria for some strudel. I love that, popped over – just like going to the neighbors for milk! I downed another litre with my strudel and took an absolute thrashing from the boys in a game of billiards (I know right? Totally unlike me to lose!) before we headed back. It was a truly awesome day!

Now remember how I told you I didn’t end up organising where I was going when I left Munich? Well the day we went to the castle – that was the last day I had booked at the hostel and at that point, all the other hostels had booked up. I was in a bit of a panic when I got back to the hostel and realised that the buses were now also fully booked and I wasn’t quite sure where I would be sleeping the next night. The girl at reception told me to check again early in the morning and I decided to throw caution to the wind and hope for the best so I went to bed. Don’t worry though – miraculously, between me going to bed at 12am and checking at 8am someone had cancelled and I was able to stay another night. See? Everything works out in the end…all you need is a little beer! I was actually really relieved because I really wanted to do the Dachau tour – which is what I did but I’m not going to talk about it yet – I’m not quite sure I know how. Maybe after Auschwitz I’ll take you through it but not now. Now you get to wait with bated breath for my next installment on Prague – which is where I am now after 7 of the worst hours of bus travel ever. I will never travel Eurolines again – that’s for sure. The bus was a hundred degrees! And I’m not exaggerating!! Plus the drivers pulled the I don’t speak English card when I asked them to put the air on. Funny though, I’m pretty sure they spoke English to me when they checked my ticket. Oh and the other 2 litres you ask? I drank those in the hostel bar the night I got back from Dachau. It’s amazing how well beer helps clear the mind. I got a little too clear though and ended up on a dirty kebab run with an American guy – I guess something’s truly are universal!



2 thoughts on “6 litres, not quite the 10 I was hoping for but 6 nonetheless.

  1. don’t sweat it I am your mother not your Gran mother and would expect nothing less than 200 k on the auto barn every one else is doing it right ?

  2. Oh whats that no they don’t then just as well I am hearing it after the fact so i am glad you have that out of your system, now lets just get back to the food

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