The Princess and the snow storm, a fairy tale of sorts.

Ok so I’m finally going to post for you again – I apologise again that it has been so long – I keep writing these giant emails and wot not and just don’t feel like typing anymore! So…

Once upon a time, in a place far, far away there was a princess who dreamed of a distant land of snow-covered trees and buildings and people in every kind of scarf and coat you can imagine. This princess would often wile away hour after hour looking out the window as she imagined this land, what it would look like, what the people there were like, imagining herself dining and shopping alongside them. Then one day, the princess decided that she would take the long perilous journey to this distant land to see it for herself, seeing as she was now old and brave enough to travel alone. The day the princess left the town folk gathered in the square to wish her safe travels and she hugged each of them goodbye, not knowing when she would see them again and with a few tears for the lovely people she was leaving behind, she sailed away into the horizon.

The princess sailed through many strange lands along her way, lands where people ate fish as big as themselves and noodles with strange sticks instead of knives and forks. She climbed mountains that soared into the sky and mechanical horses that rode fast through the hillsides. She met people who used words she did not understand and saw paintings of people past. She visited queens & kings and was given gracious hospitality in their homes. But finally, after many days and many nights, the princess arrived in the far away distant land she had dreamed of so long at home. She met the people with the coats and scarves of every colour imaginable and she talked and dined with them into the wee hours of the morning until she was so exhausted by all her travelling, she sank into her bed and slept for 20 hours straight. When the princess finally awoke, she washed and dressed and headed out to visit more with these strange people of this strange land. When she left the castle, it started to snow and the princess, who had never seen snow before, having only read about it in her books began to laugh and dance around, overwhelmed with excitement at the miracle she was witnessing. She continued to laugh and dance until the snow had thickened so much on the ground she lost her footing and fell on her bottom. Rather than cry however, the princess could only laugh harder than before because despite her now being a bit wetter, she was the happiest she could remember having been, achieving what many like her only dream of; little girls sitting in the window bay looking out, imagining exotic lands far far away.

(yes, that is the fairytale I created about myself, I’m glad you liked it. I promise that the real post will follow shortly)


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