A little love/hate relationship.

I love Melbourne, I miss it desperately. I also love Edinburgh and I can definitely see the resemblance between the two – if you ignore old parts, and the mountain, and the fact that the traditional pubs here aren’t as seedy as at home, it’s just like it. But, it has caused me to wonder one thing in particular – would Melbourne be the perfect city if it snowed there too? Ponder with me for a moment if you will. Melbourne is awesome; downright spectacular in fact. Those elm-lined streets are beautiful in winter but wouldn’t they be even more divine covered in that powdery white stuff? And work, imagine sitting in the office looking out at the snow falling around you? Wouldn’t that make even the most mundane job seem suddenly so much more bearable? It would be spectacular. In my mind it’s already happening. I can see myself going for dumplings and stamping the snow off my boots before going in. I can see my friends and I shivering off the cold as we pile into Ganache for a much-needed hot chocolate hit. Melbourne is a city made for snow, if only the weather would get on board it would be the perfect.

But alas, it will not. So people like me have to leave the fair city and head here, where we can experience the beauty of rain so cold it freezes on the way down. It is truly incredibly beautiful you know. It started the day after I got here, I was on a Ghost tour (apparently Edinburgh is the mecca of ghosts), standing in a mausoleum in the dark when it started to fall. I started getting pretty excited – I’d never seen it snow before Poland and that was only brief and tiny, this was good, actual snow. As soon as we left the mausoleum I whipped out my camera and started snapping. I don’t think I actually took in anything that the guide was saying, which sucked cause I paid for the tour but I was so god-damned excited it was snowing I really couldn’t focus on anything else. We left the cemetery and went up this little hill and it really started coming down – the ground was completely covered, it was awesome. After the tour we all retired to a Scottish pub for a pint of the ‘Best’ Scottish Ale, where I proceeded to watch it snow through the window, all the while absolutely chuffed and unable to believe I am actually here, seeing and doing this. Since then, it hasn’t stopped and while I still think it is the most spectacular thing I have ever seen, it brings me to my next point.

Now that I have said all of this, I feel the need to take a moment to ponder the many ways that snow is quite annoying. See tomorrow I was supposed to leave on a 6 day tour of Scotland before I head south. It was going to be awesome, I was going to see some spectacular scenery, meet some new people, all round have a great time. Only it’s not just snowing, it’s a god damned blizzard. As a result, the castle has been closed yesterday and today, both days I decided to go and they’ve had to cancel my tour. On top of this, not only had I just booked my onward travel for the end of the tour, leaving me in a position of having to either lose the money or hang around for a few more days til the alternate 3 day tour but most of the transport is being suspended or cancelled anyway, so I’m literally stuck in Edinburgh. Don’t get me wrong, there are worse places to be stuck and I really do love the snow so it’s not so bad. I don’t however, like the hostel I’m staying in very much so I’m changing tomorrow. Hopefully it will change my experience of Edinburgh so far as well. I should have realised this was going to happen. After all, I overheard a couple talking today about their outgoing transportation being cancelled. Her boyfriend’s reply? ‘Looks like we’re staying in Edinburgh another night.’

I have seen and done some good things so far though, as well as some not so good ones. I’ve shopped a little too much, all of which was extremely useful but not at all budgeted for so I’ve thrown the book out the window there. I, failing to see the castle as I had planned on yesterday, spent many hours brushing up on my Scottish history knowledge at the national museum. It was thoroughly entertaining – more so than any other museum I have been too. And if that wasn’t enough, I had the best lasagna pie I have ever tasted, I had to resist the temptation to have 7 more. Apart from all of this though, I’m not really doing that much cause I’m desperately trying to get over this stupid flu I picked up in Budapest (at the hostel that shared a little more than I would have liked). So today, after discovering that the castle was indeed closed again, I picked up ‘about a boy’ from the op-shop, another lasagna pie and found myself a nice, comfy spot on the couch at the hostel, with a view of the snowing action outside and settled in for an afternoon of reading. Hopefully I’ll be feeling a little better tomorrow and I might get up to Arthur’s Seat for some spectacular views. In the meantime, here are some pics of the place for you to check out.



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