A little bit o’nothin.

I’m writing this post as I sit here in this lovely Scottish pub that I didn’t take note of the name of, finally having found internet good enough to download the last episode of season three of Sons of Anarchy. I am, most pleased at this as I’m sure I am the last person on Earth to know how the season ends. I have chosen to sample a local delight as I sit here typing away, a hot Toddy; a drink made with whisky, honey, cloves & lemon and it is, I will happily tell you, as delicious as it sounds. I have also positioned myself on a lovely old leather arm chair that positions me perfectly to gaze past their Christmas tree and out at the lovely snow falling along the Golden Mile. Add to this the soft melodic tunes drifting down from the speakers above and you have yourself the perfect place to wile away an afternoon.

I have time to discover places like this, perfect spots to wile away an afternoon because I presently continue to be stuck in Edinburgh thanks to the blizzard that is bringing the UK to a stand still. I’m awaiting news that my tour tomorrow (the tour I was moved to when the tour I was supposed to leave on on Tuesday was cancelled) is also being cancelled and although I pray that it does not happen, it surely will as I sit here listening to people talk about flights being cancelled, trains delayed.

I have to share with you though, that I don’t much mind being stuck here in Edinburgh. Every night I go to sleep looking out the large windows in my dorm room at the falling snow, the whitened roofs of the old grey stone buildings of the old town. In the afternoons I sit by the open fire in the common room, watching some shows on my laptop or, in the case of last night, being moved by the notes of the piano wafting over me, all while the snow continues to fall just beyond the window. The only thing I am not happy with is the lack of exercise I’m getting in this snowy weather. It’s much harder to go for a long walk when your trudging through snow 60cm deep. It’s worse that sand. But, again, I’m not complaining. The good here far outweighs the bad. It could be worse, I could have been stranded mid tour, in the highlands of Scotland with much less to do than I have here!


One thought on “A little bit o’nothin.

  1. Not that I don’t believe Beau that we had indeed seen the last episode of Sons I looked it up and started to read the episode guide and ,what was that ,I do not remember seeing what they were saying and as it turns out we also have not yet seen it , so shhhh until I get the chance to see it as well .Love you hope you get unstuck soon
    love Mum xoxo

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