On the streets of York

And thus began the year of day trips. A car was hired, originally for 2 but in the face of illness, in the end just for one. A lovely little Volkswagen Polo.

Picked it up and then stalled it in the middle of a massive roundabout because I haven’t driven a manual in years. By the way, English roundabouts are fucking crazy. Period. Accidentally entered ‘The Lake District’ in the navman instead of ‘The Peak District’ and didn’t realise until I was almost at Manchester. Stopped for hydration, reprogrammed the navigational unit to Sheffield taking me right through the Peak District anyway. Mission accomplished. Many winding roads, flat land and rocks. Small gorgeous towns and little country pubs. Stopped for some pictures. Almost stopped to eat at a little country pub but missed the turn. Got stuck behind a bus for a few miles. Took a video of the countryside.

Got to Sheffield, drove into the centre of town. Quite liked the entrance but didn’t really care for the centre itself. Took a wrong turn and had to loop back. Got there eventually. Decided to push on to York without stopping. Got hungry and pulled off to a tea room the navman suggested. Found a really old building. Went down a tiny little road by accident, had to reverse out. Argued with the navman when it tried to take me down a footpath. Didn’t eat at the tea rooms.

Accidentally missed a turn and felt bad, like I’d hurt the navman’s feelings. Missed another one and got a thrill from messing with it. Tried to take a wrong turn just to see if it could find an alternative or whether it would tell me to turn around but I couldn’t stump it so went back to following the directions again. Arrived in York, parked and found somewhere to eat. Bought a map, wandered around. Bought lollies & a hot drink as it was freezing. Went back to the car. Drove home. Went to sleep.

Loved York. Photo’s to come.



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