These are the ways of my wild youth.

This story begins in Lapworth & ends with me sitting on my bed at 20 minutes to 4 in the morning, struck by the cold realisation that this is how my days go. I’ve been in Warwickshire for 2 months now and apart from a brief visit to Warwick & York, I’ve not done much more than work, eat and drink. In fact, I feel lately like I’ve made it my new ambition to relive my wild uni days all over again, only this time better. I’ve flown to the other side of the world it seems, not to see the sights but to party like it’s 1998. I’m living in this party flat, drinking most nights and working most days. It really is the life. But, I’m not sure that my almost 28-year-old body is built for this life. My liver screams at me, my skin won’t come to the party and I’m getting that beer bloat. It can only last so long though. In 2 weeks we move to another flat, a nicer flat and the partying will die down a little at least.

P.s – sorry for the lack of, and then disappointingly short posts. Working 12 hours a day is a bit of a drainer and the alcohol is stealing my mental clarity!



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