In a rundown old flat.

I sit looking wistfully out of the window, homesick. It makes me wonder. All that time spent looking out the window of my bedroom at home, dreaming of the fantastic life I would have when I went travelling, of all the things I would do and see and now I find myself on the other side of the world, doing the exact same thing. It’s not like I’m not enjoying it, I am. It’s more that the grass is always greener I think. I love that my freckles have faded a bit in the gloomy English sun but I still find myself dreaming of being on the beach. Tomorrow, a new flat for a week and then Scotland. Will the grass be greener there do you think?


5 thoughts on “In a rundown old flat.

  1. It’s probably best not to dream so specifically – I dreamed of this amazing trip, of all the things i’d see, of coming home and starting this new amazing life with Andrea, both of us refreshed and wise from the world … it’s not to be – i’m home alone in 3 weeks time, looking for somewhere, anywhere to live that i can afford on my own … i think the only guarantee in life is that everything won’t turn out the way you pictured it.

    You know – as i sat on the bus from Avalon airport to Melbourne city centre, a song came on my walkman as the skyline appeared in the distance – Adele: Hometown. It made me think of you, and since, whenever i’ve heard it, it has.

    Enjoy Scotland – come back happy!

  2. Trust me you’re missing nothing here, and to be honest this whole summer you’d have been lucky to lie on the beach half doz times, the weather has been crap! The grass here is definitely green though! lol.

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