The silver lining.

So as you all may already know, for the past couple of months I have been working in a gorgeous little boutique hotel in the Scottish Highlands called The Torridon. It’s so completely different to anything I’ve ever done before, it’s pretty mental. The restaurant is fine dining – which is certainly an experience. No more whip around at a million miles and hour, plates flying around everywhere! Everything is carried on a silver tray, everything is timed to perfection. Every morsel of food is expertly placed on the plate by the chefs with exact precision. Water and wine never runs out, the glasses are kept topped up at all times. The napkins are draped over your lap as you sit. It’s a dining experience and a half and I cannot wait to be on the other end of it next month for my birthday! And then we are there for breakfast, all done the same way. Thirsty for juice? Don’t worry, it won’t run out!

I love the mornings actually, they are my favourites. I love doing tea & toast the most – I know that sounds stupid but I like setting myself up at the little bench there, making the teas and coffees and preparing the toast and croissant – I often like to imagine myself as J-Lo in Maid in Manhattan, or Mila Kunis in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in all the glamour of the belly of a hotel. Surely my prince charming is coming too right? Ha Ha!

What I have been doing though, is spending way too much money here. I really need my internet access restricted if I’m going to actually keep travelling at the end of the year, that’s for sure. I’ll be fine though, I’ve already started planning my next adventures, so don’t be too concerned, more exciting, travel filled blogs coming your way before the year is out! I’m thinking the Baltic countries…. New York….. Guatemala….. Italy….. then back here maybe! Oh to be in the wind with my bag on my back again! (I’m pretty scared about how heavy it’s going to be with all my purchases actually but oh well!)


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