Revenge of the midgies – part 1-15.

Scotland is amazing. Beautiful. Stunning. Every word you can think to describe somewhere like heaven. It does however, have one unfortunate flaw. The midgy.

For those of you unfamiliar with the midgy, as I was before I got to Scotland – it is not unlike a mosquito, just a bit smaller. They are alike in most other way – particularly in their desire to attack people without warning and unprovoked. What did we ever do to them? I must admit though, I had been a bit skeptical of the midgy before today. I wasn’t entirely convinced that they existed to be honest. That, and I was thoroughly convinced that my Australian-ness would render me immune to them – what with all that Vegemite coursing through my veins! They’ve only been around for the last week or two but their reputation preceded them. Everyone was talking about the ‘midgies’ from the minute I arrived. I remember walking around looking for the little bastards, suspicious that they were hiding around every corner, only to discover nothing when I got there. Turns out they just hadn’t arrived yet. Now they have and I am pleased to advise you that they do in fact exist. And yes, they are as bad so far as I was led to believe. I have been pretty lucky so far, I think that the Vegemite theory is pretty on par and seems to be holding up so far, thankfully. I have memories of being covered in sand fly bites as a kid and that is not a look that I want to revisit. Midgy bite chic is not a look I think will ever feature on the cover of Vogue and nor should it on me.



2 thoughts on “Revenge of the midgies – part 1-15.

  1. Ohhhhh Yarni! Beware the midgys!! hehehe… Sounds like you’re having a great time!!! Are you going to stay in Scotland forever?! 🙂 xo

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