This is where it all begins….

It’s a dangerous slope, it’s steep and unforgiving. One day you’re fine. You’re living a healthy, crap free life and the next, well…you’re not. It all starts with a pint of diet coke. Not consumed in a long time, you decide one can’t hurt and you pour the black goodness down your throat. Only now you’ve got a taste for it again. You begin to think how nice it was, how refreshing. You decided to have another, just one more. After all, it was pretty refreshing. Then it’s another. And another; and before you know it you’re consuming 10 a day. Then 20. Then 4 litres of the stuff. Soon you no longer have blood running through your veins but a thick, black reduction of Coca Cola. What next you say? Oh yeah, then it’s the crisps. After all, they go down perfectly with the diet coke don’t they. Soon you find yourself living on a concoction of junk food and soft drink. Fruit is a thing of the past. Vegetables? What are they? It’s not long before it’s hard drugs and prostitution. See, it’s a slippery slope when you find yourself on it, gaining momentum as you head towards the cold, hard and abrupt end. All I can say is get out now.


3 thoughts on “This is where it all begins….

  1. LOL Hilarious!

    I gave up Coke a few years ago. The only time I allow myself to indulge is when I’m traveling. I do drink it in the car when I go on vacation. I have no idea why I instituted this rule, but that’s how I role.

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