Some would go as far as to call me lazy…

But i can just de-friend them on facebook and all will be well with the world again. That’s the beauty of being gen Y, our new, evolved methods of communication make it so much easier to avoid any kind of criticism at all. You don’t like me? Fine – DELETE.

Anywho – that was soooo off the subject. I have in actual fact been massively lazy. I promised posts galore when I packed up my horse a few months ago and went gallivanting off into the sunset on another of my crazy adventures and I didn’t follow through. I just had loads and loads of fun that I thought you may never hear about but I have been re-motivated, given a proverbial kick in the backside by my current location and living status. I.E. – I’ve got nothing else to do and something to actually say now so why the hell not?

I will spare you the eternal dribble that flows from my mouth at this time of the morning however (considering that I have just taken 175 words to effectively say – I will be posting a shitload of posts for you soon – stay tuned.) and will begin with ‘The fabulous adventures of Captain Yarni and her side kick, Mumma bear’ tomorrow…. or a few days after that maybe. We’ll see. It’s nice to be able to say something other than ‘worked, slept, got drunk.’ over and over again now though!

Glad to have you all back on board!


2 thoughts on “Some would go as far as to call me lazy…

  1. Hello,Yarnisan.
    If I can not you,I’m very grad to be You full of vigor and happy.

    1. Thanks Hiro! Glad to see you on the blog – hope everything is well for you now and that you are recovering ok. Hopefully I will be returning to Japan soon – I do miss it so!!!

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