This broadcast comes to you on February 8th from a far and distant land…

SO, seeing as I am skiving my internet from the reputable publicans next door and upstairs, I figured I may as well do something useful with my night and finally get around to writing some of my posts that I have been promising for far too long. I’m afraid that at this point though, I might not be that chronological but I can promise you that it will at least be important….maybe.

Anyways, so about three and a bit months ago, my Mum flew all the way over the ocean to come visit the mighty blighty and her (favourite, if I do say so myself) daughter. I of course, being the always prepared and carefully planned person that I once was, and not the carefree, she’ll be right girl that I seem to have become, avidly prepared for her arrival by drinking as much as I could in all my spare time (when I wasn’t shopping online of course) and basically spending all my money so that I had loads and loads to travel the world with for two months. Here’s a tip for you in advance…just because you’ve done some travelling and managed to stay mostly on budget doesn’t mean you don’t have the potential to have a MAJOR blowout and spend all your money, and then the banks. Trust me, I’m stupid and it happened to me. So NOW I have to spend the next month paying it off. YAY!

But I did get to go to some really cool places. I stayed in some awesome luxury hotels in the UK. I tramped around Ireland in a wicked camper, chilled out in NYC, rode a chicken bus and chilled out around a lake in Guatemala. Oh I climbed another volcano too. Still no lava though, thoroughly ripped off. But it all starts here.

Mum arrived in Inverness on the train (after I decided it was the best way for her to travel across the country, you know, rather than fly – of course.) and I whisked her back to the luxury of her awaiting hotel room at The Torridon. I had planned it this way to lure her into a false sense of security, butter her up in preparation for the week of roughing it I had in store for her in Ireland. We dined in the restaurant, chilled out, went for a drive around and wot not before we packed up and headed off to Edinburgh. We didn’t have long in Edinburgh, just a brief stopover on our way to Belfast where we picked up our camper.

Now once again, being the super organised and reliable person I used to be, I had everything sussed out and knew exactly where and how we were going to collect the camper. I knew we’d have to take a bus in the wrong direction and then get a cab for 1/2 an hour because the rental place wasn’t actually in Belfast at all. Sure. It was all part of the plan. But we got there in the end didn’t we? The van was awesome. The scenery was spectacular. But that’s it for now, I’ll get more into Ireland in the next post.

Stay tuned!



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