I’m back, and I still hate my layout!

Well kiddies, I may not be traveling at the mo but I’m back! And I solemnly swear that I will be both bringing my site up to date and, will be filling you in on the present. I have no excuse this time, I have an adsl connection to call my own (no skiving for me!) and I have found myself currently without a job thanks to my ever expanding middle bit. What I also promise is that this blog isn’t about to become a blog about my baby. That is going to fill enough of my life without having to blog about it too. Not that I won’t mention the brand new little human I’m growing every now and again – let’s face it, babies do some cute shit that I will have to share. Plus I’ve spent literally the last 8 months growing the little bear so it may be impossible to avoid the mentioning of the subject altogether. And, despite the fact that I’m not currently traveling (although we’re all really traveling all the time) this is and will very much remain a travel blog. What I didn’t realise when I started it was that it wasn’t just going to be a blog about my little jaunt overseas for a while, not about a gap year or a year abroad backpacking (mainly because I was gone for just on 2 1/2 years, but that’s not the point…), what I didn’t realise is that traveling would change me in a profound and unexpected way. That traveling was not something I did, but something I became. I became a traveler and I will now never cease to be a traveler. Even when I’m not traveling, I am still traveling. Those of you, my fellow travelers will understand this. It’s a cosmic mind shift that can never be undone. Sure there are moments like now, when you have to stand still for a while but there is a profound difference between standing still and growing roots; but I will take you through that in more detail later. How I think this blog will change is that in a way, it won’t be just travel entries I make. As a traveler, every detail of my life is relevant and it all adds to my journey.

Hopefully you will continue to enjoy this journey with me.


Little bear


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