So I have this friend…..

I met Sue in Torridon and she took to me so instantly that she followed me all the way across the world back here to Australia. Not really. Actually, she was there with her partner, who was head chef in the Inn and who is also Australian. They’re both fab people and I’m over the moon they’re back here in Oz. In fact, hopefully my next trip will be up to the sleepy town of Nambour to help her celebrate her 30th birthday in July! Anyway, did I mention that she’s a fabulous person? And that she has taken her world travel experience and used it to start a career in travel? How you ask? Easy. She became a travel agent for a lovely travel agency. And here is where I give my shameless plug!

Not really. She really does know what she’s doing and I would love to be able to help her out by mentioning her on here as a contact for all your future travel needs. Don’t worry that she’s not where you are. When I planned my very first trip to New Zealand, I had a lovely girl in Melbourne (I was in Tassie) do all the planning for me, I was new to travel and a little uncertain and it was fabulously easy and stress free to have her take care of it for me. Plus, they do get access to some great deals and I’m always one to advocate doing your research so don’t rule her out!

Give Sue a bell on 07 5370 4600, or shoot her an email at You’ll be mesmerised by her lovely Irish accent in no time!!


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