Just so you know…

I wrote a stern feedback email to the Body Shop today, this is what I said:

I just wanted to send through some feedback. I have been a body shop customer for 8 years. Recently I spent 2 years living in the UK and I have just returned to Australia and have now ceased to be a body shop customer. I cannot bring myself to pay the exorbitant prices that you charge here. I paid £4 for my White Musk deodorant in the UK and I refuse to pay $14.95 here, considering it is more than twice the price. I’m sorry but you cannot justify shipping costs to Australia as a reason for such an outrageous difference. I am devastated to have to give up my body butter (£13 vs. $27.95, frequently on sale or on a 2 for offer) and shower cream (£4 vs. $12.95, also more than twice the price) but cannot justify the difference in cost. I have been a loyalty club holder both here and in the UK but I won’t, and haven’t hesitated to share the fact that I am no longer a customer and neither should anyone else be.

I’ve shared this with you, not only because I promised the Body Shop that I would, but because for those of you that use their products, you should be aware of this price discrepancy. It’s not just here that the hypocrisy presents itself, recently I was able to purchase my Living Nature products from the UK for a significantly lower price. The joke was, they are a New Zealand made product and company. Essentially, I paid less for product that had to be shipped from my back yard to the UK and back again than I could get it for here. Ridiculous. The website I used, for your information is Naturismo.com and they ship for free. I had it 5 days later. I’ve also taken to buying my baby clothes from Nextdirect, Bonds can kiss my arse. It’s time we started voting with our feet, I know I have.


Thought I’d add this in, just the response I got for you to read…. Love the mention of competitors. That’s a big problem in Australia isn’t it? We just don’t have the population to drive competition…

Dear Yarni

Thank you for your feedback regarding the difference in price with the products in the UK and Australia.

The Body Shop Australia is a franchise of The Body Shop International & as such, we do not follow the same Marketing strategy with regards to pricing as our fellow franchises in other markets.  The Body Shop products are mostly manufactured in Britain & Europe, and as a franchise, we must  purchase products directly from The Body Shop International in the UK and then have to account for business taxes, customs and freight costs to be able to run a viable business. The Body Shop Australia believes in maintaining our fair prices all year around so this ensures that when a customer walks into a Body Shop store they can be confident the products they are purchasing will not be discounted the following week. Maintaining this strategy has enabled The Body Shop Australia to grow and maintain a satisfied and loyal customer base who can rely on us for fair and reasonable pricing.

Below are the other factors that we need to consider when pricing a product.

  • Prices charged by The Body Shop International for us to buy our products
  • Cost of components and ingredients
  • Competitors
  • Shipping costs
  • Delivery charges
  • Sales tax and duty rates ( which vary greatly in each country)

Like any business, pricing has an impact on our ability to conduct campaigns and support community organisations and projects so the decision to price a particular product must be carefully considered.

That said, we do believe our products are fair and reasonably priced. (Do you agree? Is $15 a resonable price for 50mls of deodorant?)

I hope that I have been able to explain our position a little more clearly.


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