All about the $

Budget ← Click here for my excel file.

Ok, so here it is – warts & all. This is the day by day breakdown of my travels (anal, I know) but it helped me to no end. Every time I looked at my dwindling bank account – I felt a sense of panic rising, until I looked at my budget and saw I was exactly where I should have been. Could I have done it cheaper? Of course. I really didn’t need to buy clothing in Paris but I had nothing else to do, I choose the wrong hostel. I can’t remember where I got the original template for this spreadsheet, I would have happily linked it for you but you are free to save and adapt mine to your needs. Lonely planet offers a daily budget for a load of different countries and to be safe, I always input the middle bracket but aimed for the lower one. That way, if I budgeted $50 per day for a country but managed to spend the shoestring amount of $30 that they suggested was minimum, I had $20 to play with. What I would have hated was to budget shoe string and go over. There is a reason they say better to be safe than sorry.

Now I will let you know that I stopped inputting into the spreadsheet towards end of November when I stopped in Grappenhall and by the time I started working in Birmingham, I will tell you, I had $235 left to my name. God bless England, ASDA, Marks & Spencer and Tesco for their cheap and easy ready meals, that’s all I can say. Had I been doing things in reverse, I would have been living on Maggi 2 minute noodles instead of the relatively stately affair I was able to procure in the fine establishments. Australia really does have a lot to learn from them.


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