Indonesia was the first of my culinary experiences abroad and while I love the food immensely, I won’t deny that it wasn’t really what I was expecting. I expected an abundance of fresh fruit & veg. I didn’t expect peanut butter & banana smoothies. I didn’t expect banana pancakes and they turned out to be two of my favourite dishes in Bali. I wish that I had taken more pictures of the food on my first trip there (I know what you’re thinking and yes, I do take an abundance of pictures of food but it is possible to have taken more – trust me!). One of the very first meals I ate in Bali was BBQ at Yeye’s warung in Uluwatu 2 hours after Jon picked me up from the airport, a little shell-shocked from the crazy car trip and the culture shock I was experiencing and it was incredibly delicious! Bali also happens to be the first time I tried Haagan Daas, thanks to Jon’s crazy love for it. I also had some of the best spaghetti I have ever eaten there – crazy! Unfortunately, only one of the photos below are from my first trip there, what can I say? I was in love and more interested in taking pictures of us – it happens. There are more than enough to keep you occupied from my second trip round!

Bali is also responsible for my love of Kopi Ginseng (Ginseng coffee) and banana spring rolls. I tried to replicate the banana spring rolls at home with some success – much more success than the banana pancakes I tried to make but still not as good as the ones I ate there. I also had corn on the cob from a street vendor that was pretty incredible, and pretty cheap.

And an interesting fact for you – Bali features as a fork on my charm bracelet as a result of my rampant eating.

The best Tuna steak ever!!!!

Mums Banana spring rolls

Chocolate mousse cake

Peanut leaf - I think.

Ginger, Lemon & Honey tea

My awesome calamari sate!

My grilled tuna at Jimbaran beach

I’ll be honest, I ate on Jimbaran beach on three separate occasions over the two trips there and on two of them, I felt that the food could have been much better. The tuna that I had on the second occasion was far too overcooked (as in the picture above), as it was on most occasions I had tuna in Bali. You would not believe how unbelievably excited I was to find the tuna dish that stars as the featured image for this page, and to find it at Nomads, in Ubud on top of that! (Ubud is nestled in the mountains in the centre of the island – you can understand how I would expect better, right on the beach in Jimbaran!) The first trip there was equally as disappointing culinary wise – the lobster I had (chosen already dead & frozen, not live) was similarly overcooked and chewy in my opinion – however maybe I just don’t like lobster, as you find a similar account of my lobster dish in the Malaysian section!) I did however, dine on my third and last visit to Jimbaran beach at Sharky’s & had myself, the best Calamari Sate I have had to date! (In the picture above this one) Therefore, my recommendation when visiting Jimbaran Bay would be to visit Sharky’s, but remember, I have only been to three and there are a ridiculous amount to sample!

Dinner at Queens Tandoor

Queens Tandoor, located on the main strip in Seminyak has the most incredible Indian food, I won’t say in Bali because it happens to be the only Indian food I ate there but by Melbourne standards, it ranked pretty high. It is a little pricey but well worth it. The sizzling brownie I experienced for dessert (no photo – don’t have any clue why! Sorry!) was absolutely incredible! Not very Indian I know but still worth mentioning.

Some octopus dish, cooked in banana leaf.

This was from my first visit to Bali and was had at the infamous Yeye’s. It was a traditional dish and was unusual but good from what I can recall. I didn’t really expect the it to be the octopus legs and tentacles kind of freak me out a little bit – the texture is a little off putting but I enjoyed the dish overall!

Snake Fruit!

Snake fruit was an unusual find in Bali – I loved it but I can definitely understand that it wouldn’t be for everyone. It has a sort of floury taste and a texture that I can only describe as the feeling you get when you rub our fingers together, sort of gritty but less in a sand kind of way and more like when you bite garlic. I’m sorry for the shite description – it’s a really hard fruit to put into words!


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