Malaysia was an interesting pot as far as food was concerned. I honestly expected it to be similar to Bali in a way, and in some ways it was but in a lot of ways it was completely different. We had two culinary categories in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur & Langkawi. The absolute best meal we had in KL was on the first night we arrived. It was late by the time we checked in to the hotel and we went out in search of some food about 11pm, finding a busy street food scene right near our hotel in Bukit Bintang! We had an array of smaller dishes that we shared between us – all vege as was often the case over my travels with Shona as she is a vegetarian, and I prefer to eat vege when with her. I had a bean curd dish that tasted exactly like chicken nuggets, I shit you not! It was incredible! I am still dreaming about that bean curd over a year later. Unfortunately, I did not use any foresight to focusing on the food of my travels in the future and failed, once again, to take any pictures of the food! Fail. Featured at some of these stalls, and displayed skewered on large horizontal rotisseries were frogs – apparently a local dish of Malaysia. I didn’t indulge so I cannot tell you any tales of them, sorry.

Crazy Malaysian dessert we ordered from room service in KL

Description of said dessert...

Before we ate the shaved ice off the top.

Now, as I mentioned back in my Malaysia posts, we didn’t eat very much outside of the hotel in KL simply because of our nocturnal home lives and subsequent failure to adapt to normal world time when on holidays. 24 hour room service was indeed a life saver! However we did fail on the dessert (we didn’t order but actually received), local dish of Malaysia that features a mish-mash of food items, both savoury & sweet all mixed in together, with a pile of shaved ice on top and cordial drizzled over it! Crazy stuff! We didn’t like it, and flushed it down the toilet so that they didn’t know we hated it!

Seafood dinner in Cenang Beach, Langkawi

Now, this is the remains of our seafood evening, the lobster belonging to me – not Shona. To be honest, I spent $65 Aus on the meal in total and I was pretty disappointed with it. I thought that it was quite tough and rubbery and well overcooked, just like my experiences in Bali & it left me wondering if this is how all lobster is. It isn’t by the way – I learned this but it has made me hesitant to return to lobster land.

Some of the other food we were lucky enough to sample in Cenang Beach was some delicious Indian but again, no photos! Sorry!


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