Trip Map!

Updated now to the 1 Apr 11

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Where I been – Thanks to Facebook!


8 thoughts on “Trip Map!

  1. Hey …. just had a little look at your map to see if there’s any advice I can give you … Eastern Europe=cold. Remember that and you’ll be grand. (Mind you, England is prematurely bloody freezing at the moment too – roll on next week.) Of the places you’re going, i’ve only been to Prague and Paris, and my god you’re in for a treat. You can’t come to Europe and not see some of the war memorials, if you’re able, from Prague go to Terezin, which was a ghetto town, and has a concentration camp. Moving stuff. Prague also had these weird fried cheese sarnie stands on every corner, lovely. Cheap. When i was there (2004) a beer was 50p. (FIFTY PENCE!!!)That’s all I can think of. Paris pretty much speaks for itself.

    UK – If you can, go to Newquay in Cornwall, miles away from anywhere but beautiful. Also, if you’re in Manchester, Liverpool should be on your map too, only 40 mins on a train and a lovely city. I see you’re going to Newcastle; that’s where Andrea’s from, i’m sure she’ll have lots to tell you about it. What sort of timescales are you on? We get back to the UK next June – you’ll still be here then won’t you? You never know, it might be us showing you round Manchester! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tips! Not quite sure I’m ready for the cold but I’m liking the sound of it being prematurely cold – I’m hoping for snow at xmas! On the other hand… it’s prematurely hot here. It’s annoying. I’m glad you wrote fifty pence too… I wouldn’t have gotten 50p – I was thinking p was the Czech currency – LOL! I will still be there in June, we should have coffee and talk about our respective trips! Adding Liverpool as we speak… thanks!

  2. Hello! Yarnisan.
    I’m you remember me?

    Thank you for talking a lot at the inn.
    And take a picture together.
    For me, I became the wonderful souvenir picture.

    I study more English and want to read your sentence smoothly.
    I do my best☆

    Have a nice day!

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